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The main house of Hacienda Viga Vieja was built in 1900. It was the inn on the royal path that led from Santa Rosa to Manizales. The house was restored at the beginning of the first decade of 2000 in Bahareque (wattle and daub) as a construction system, respecting the materials and style of the colonial houses of El Viejo Caldas and Valle del Cauca. These are noble ecological materials that are complemented with doors, windows, tiles, and other recycled elements from demolished houses in the historical center of Manizales.


Bahareque (wattle and daub) is the traditional construction system in this region. It uses Guadua stems (bamboo) for beams and columns and guadua wattle covered with a combination of wet soil, clay, sand, animal dung and straw. These materials are commonplace all over the farms allowing for an architecture that adapts to the climate and topography of this region.


The impact of our architecture on nature is minimal; our spaces open to the landscape allowing an experience of integration with the nature, flora and fauna of the vicinity.

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