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An unforgettable experience for those who want to pay homage to their relationship in a simple, symbolic way, with a lot of spirituality, where the desire to have an intimate day to remember the rest of life is paramount. In this ceremony the center of attention is the people who are living it through a harmonic connection between them and nature.


Our proposal has its conceptual basis in the power of the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The energy will flow from the contact with the earth and through breathing. Air will bring the best wishes for this relationship, water will purify emotions and cleanse energies, fire will make the greatest feelings be reborn and renewed.


Remember: Love is most powerful and best-known immune system stimulant.




-Exclusive space in the Main House of Viga Vieja for the ceremony

-Accommodation for two people, 2 nights

-Food during your stay: breakfast, lunch, dinner

-Dinner for two with a glass of wine on the day of the ceremony

-Special room setting for the night of the ceremony

-Ceremony based on the 4 elements at various times:

-Ritual on the Tree of Wishes

-Water as a cleaning and purifying element

-Travel through mandalas of love and prosperity

-Homage to the earth

-The meaning of planting a tree in pairs

-Fire and its powerful light

-Union of souls

-Assembly and disassembly logistics

-Decoration and setting of all used spaces

-Furnishings and glassware


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