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The lodging concept at Cabañas Viga Vieja is based on giving independence to the visitors' experience so that they can enjoy the place as if it were their own home or farm. The lodging fee includes breakfast, and for the rest of the meals, we offer the following options:


  • Delicious food kits, almost ready to eat, requiring only a short preparation by the guest. We offer  vegetarian options with fresh ingredients from the garden and local suppliers.

  • It is possible to bring food to prepare meals. The cabins have a kitchen, a refrigerator, a stove, and utensils. In addition, the Rustic Cabin has a wood-burning oven.

  • You will be given the telephone numbers of a local supermarket, a nearby restaurant, stores, and a motorcycle taxi driver that can bring what you need, even from Manizales. However, it will always be better to bring your own cravings to avoid being unable to get them at the last minute.

  • For stays of 3 or more nights we offer lunches served in our dining room and new Dinner Kit options. Both options must be booked in advance

  • If you require a vegan menu, please let us know, we have a variety of options other than those shown in the meal kits.


    **If you would like any food kits, please let us know before arrival.




Personal pizza COP$ 50.000


-Handmade Pizza Dough (local supplier)

-Homemade natural tomato sauce

-Mozzarella cheese

-Sliced tomato

-Dried tomatoes


-Basil/ Arugula


-Flavored soda (natural)/fruit drink


Lasagna to bake COP$ 50.000


- Lasagna prepared with mushrooms/hazelnuts, zucchini, and mozzarella cheese in a homemade natural tomato sauce base.

-Corn meal (local supplier)/Homemade bread

-Fresh salad

-Postrecito (a tasty little dessert)

-Flavored soda/fruit drink


Ready-to-bake ripe plantain lasagna COP$ 50.000


-A mold of ripe plantain slices from the farm, mushrooms and eggplants, and mozzarella cheese in a base of homemade natural tomato sauce.

-Corn meal (local supplier)/ homemade bread

-Fresh salad from the garden


-Flavored soda/fruit drink

Roasted  pumpkin and tomato soup  COP$35.000


-Portion of roasted ripe pumpkin and tomato soup with a homemade secret touch, parmesan cheese and cilantro/basil

-Green plantain chips/ "arepa" Corn meal (local supplier)

-Avocado/fresh salad from the garden


-Flavored soda/fruit drink

Short pasta: COP$40,000/Gluten-free COP$45,000


-Personal portion of short pasta (It should only be put in boiling salted water for a few minutes)

-Personal portion of homemade basil pesto or homemade roasted ripe tomato sauce


-Fresh basil

-Homemade bread/corn arepa


-Flavored soda/fruit drink


Cheese platter (must be ordered at least one day before arrival) COP$ 150.000


One bottle of wine, assorted cheeses, dried fruits, olives, bread, fruits, jams, and sauces


-Fried yellow corn arepitas and guacamole/house sauce: COP$8,000

-Green plantain chips and guacamole/house salsa: COP$8,000



-Bottle of Wine (white or red): COP$80,000

-National Beer: COP$6,000

-Jug of seasonal fruit juice/Lemonade: COP$20,000

-Personal bottle of flavored soda: COP$8,000

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